Bucktown State of Mind


Cynical Smith is a filmmaker from Brooklyn, NY.  Currently she is working on a documentary as yet untitled, about the circumstances surrounding the death of an icon, Malcolm X.  Her compan, Bucktown USA Entertainment, just released their first album  is also exploring familiar yet uncharted territory with the release of General Steele‘s first full-length solo album “Welcome to Bucktown” (2009), and she is returning to her roots of radio with “Linden Sundays” on the new Beatminerz Radio.

Love never dies and when she decided that she wanted to be a part of this fresh, new art called Hip Hop that was taking over the streets, Cynical Smith knew it would become a guiding force in her life.  She has allowed that love to guide her in her explorations of the art and the world of Hip Hop thanks her for it.  Cynical Smith: radio, music, film, video and the list goes on from this woman of many talents..better stay tuned and don’t turn that dial.