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28 Days Clean… of Nicotine

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Just a brief update… at midnight I will be 28 days clean. I can’t wait until I can say this is my 28th week or even better my 28th month clean, but I’m speeding. What I can say is today is the first day that I didn’t think about having a cigarette with my coffee, which btw I’m not supposed to be drinking anymore! I swear this getting healthy shit is killing me. Anyway I started taking a detox tea last week which I have to drink for 30 days first thing in the morning before I put anything in my stomach. That should help with the cravings.

Right now I’m going to the store to deal with my sweet tooth cravings. Since I stopped smoking I want all sorts of sweet stuff.. cake, ice cream, flan… ok that’s it! GOOD NIGHT folks I’m out.


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